Peace of Mind Yoga - A place to find health & harmony while training the body & mind
"It is not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and make yourself a priority, rather it is a necessity." - Mandy Hale

Many of us at one time or another have heard the advice that if we do not make time for ourselves, to listen to our bodies and tend to our own needs, we cannot truly take care of those around us.  How many of us though, have really listened to this advice? For most, the truth in this message is understood, however the ability to follow it is the challenge.  Whether it is lack of time, energy or direction, the task of taking care of you may feel like one more item on the 'to do list,' an item that all too often is placed at the bottom and not completed.

For this reason, Peace of Mind Yoga, is a place that I have created to move that all important item of caring for you and your needs back where it belongs, on the top of your list.  

Using yoga as the tool, all classes have been designed to guide you to a tranquil place where you can truly take a moment, listen to your body and give it what what it needs.  Whether it be in a group class for beginners, a flow class for seasoned practitioners or private session, you will find that Peace of Mind Yoga is a place that will leave you feeling, strong, healthy & restored both physically & mentally.

Please check back again, this site is regularly updated with new classes & workshops, as well as Meghan's weekly blog.